Our Platform

The hyperrelistic modeling and
simulation platform of the terrain

TerrainTwin™ presents a “Digital Twin” using Big Data and geographical data analytics, civil, infrastructure and terrain, through the combination of geographical data and Game Engine technology.

TerrainTwin™ will give the members of the Armed Forces, from the operations center to the personnel in the field, a total vision of the reality on the ground. TerrainTwin™ will make available to the user the advantages of being local in any part of the national terrain:

  • Provide a realistic view adjusted to the position in which the user is
  • Comprehensive situational awareness in the urban environment, civil infrastructure and terrain

Using TerrainTwin™, the Armed Forces will have the ability to “See through the walls”: knowing what is happening inside the buildings (data from the Cadastre), and seeing what is underground (electricity supply networks, water, and sewage). The diagram shows the different elements of the TerrainTwin™.

The diagram shows the different elements of the TerrainTwin™.


The TerrainTwin™ platform offers an up-to-date vision of mapping to the user:

  • Integration of massif Open Data from public agencies that cover the entire national terrain.
  • Visualizing through a game engine interface so the users can be “local” in minutes and without cognitive load.
  • Frequent updates and with the possibility to add as many proprietary data as needed.

Technological challenge

Strategic benefits

The TerrainTwin™ server is installed in fixed facilities that have adequate levels of physical and cyber protection.


Connected Model

Users can access the platform using an application from their computers using any operating system.

Data Room

Setting up a Simulator allows for an immersive experience without the use of AR/VR goggles.

The Data Room is made up of:

1 monitor to present the “ground”, 3 “horizon” monitors, the user controls the system using “Gesture Glove” wearable technology gloves used to control Bluetooth and WiFi enabled electronic devices and machines with hand gestures and arms.

The simulator is aimed at analysts and managers looking for a better graphical and integrated representation of what is on the ground.


Data Room

In this model we give staff the ability to know. Our platform answers these questions:


“What surrounds me?” “What is where?”

Soldiers, using consumer-grade tools (whether iPad-like tablets or Android and iOS phones), will be able to quickly understand their surroundings.

A mobile unit can receive and process GPS signals passively, without unmasking the unit’s position.

Information packs “Geo-packs”

Soldiers, using consumer-grade tools (whether iPad-like tablets or Android and iOS phones), will be able to quickly understand their surroundings.

A mobile unit can receive and process GPS signals passively, without unmasking the unit’s position.

Platform Functionality

The platform offers these 4 initial levels of functionality:

Spatial Data Viewer

Use of maps for an aerial view with Open Data information layers.

With customizable selection of terrain by coordinates and height.

Selective Landscape Viewer

 Manager and layout of the categories and elements to show/hide or intertwine.

Viewer Registration

Allows you to save an environment with the selected elements from a specific point of view to continue working in that environment later.


From the ergonomic point of view of the tool, we are going to follow some simple but differential design guidelines to make it accessible to all different types of users and ages.

TerrainTwin is a tool that can be used for different tasks such as simulation of environments, visualization of electrical, transport or hydraulic networks, among others.

Using Unreal Engine and Cesium as a base, we find ourselves before a powerful tool with a large database behind it that will provide the user with what they need and everything from their own server, without having to depend on third parties.


A Multi-Level Platform

TerrainTwin™ meets the requirements of different capacity levels.

And at the same time, it uses existing technologies to maximize the impact of the platform and reduce its cost.

European market

The interest on the part of the market to improve the data integration capacity and for more realistic simulations is clearly defined in CapTech:

Networks made up of a large group of the more than 4,000 defense sector specialists estimated to support the EDA are crucial to carrying out the Agency’s work, ensuring consistency of that work with the priorities of the nations.

These groups of experts, which are called “CapTechs” (Capability Technology Group), are configured around specific technological fields related to defense and aim to propose and generate collaborative R&T activities that respond to capacity needs.

CapTech Simulation focuses on advances in research and technology (I&T) in the field of experimentation and measurement and analysis systems, as the main factor for reducing the costs of future systems, increasing safety, the efficiency of systems engineering and the improvement of training.

CapTech Simulation aims to generate R&D projects in collaboration to respond to the needs of European Defense capabilities in M&S, evaluated by the Ministries of Defense and Industry. It provides specialized knowledge in M&S techniques and methodologies in the fields of:

  • Concept development and experimentation.
  • Education and training.
  • Strategic, operational and tactical evaluation for decision making.
  • Research, analysis and planning.
  • Acquisition support.



Our in-house team will be delighted to give you an in-depth view of the power and capabilities of the TerrainTwin platform.