March 5 – 8 2023

October 25th-27th saw one of the most important events in European defense: “Technology in focus” was the first ever NATO Edge conference, organized by the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency), a meeting where many major new advances in defense technologies were shared.

As private companies, political leaders and NATO members met, key recent developments in defense technology were presented, ranging from space technologies, cyber security and AI, to the application of digital twins in the defense sector.

TerrainTwin™ – hyperrealistic modeling and simulation of the terrain

In the modern era, technology, agility and speed have made data an increasingly critical tool, not least in defense. It is essential that the strategic planning phase be driven and informed by the latest technology, to make us more agile, more proactive, and more connected.

Our proposal, TerrainTwin™, in the simulation and situational awareness space, turns open data into actionable data, by integrating multiple types of spatial data in a Geographical Information System (GIS), and combining this with a game engine for a dynamic end user experience which facilitates the development of more effective strategies.

Our integrated local software platform generates a “digital twin” of a given terrain, thereby enabling the following actions:

  • Simulation of virtual manoeuvres:
    • Realistic visibility of the terrain, including both the natural and built environment.
    • The capability to simulate repeating actions and movements.
    • Elimination of the environmental footprint: exercises can be simulated with no damage to the land or other features of the natural world.
    • Reduction of logistics costs, by elimination of wear and tear on material equipment, and cost in time, fatigue, or otherwise, to personnel.
  • Combat simulation in urban zones:
    • Detailed, accurate, up to date visualization of streets, buildings, infrastructure, heights, and uneven ground.
    • Extended situational awareness for enhanced and more sophisticated planning.
    • Avoidance of possible impact on the safety, wellbeing, and movements of citizens.
    • Avoidance of possible impact on buildings and infrastructure, and any other aspect of the urban environment.
  • Greater clarity and readiness from training:
    • Increased prior sense of security thanks to intimate geographical knowledge of the relevant terrain, whether natural or urban or both.
    • Enhanced readiness for live operations thanks to immersion in a hyperrealistic environment.
    • A memorable and engaging experience enabling proper visualization of the terrain prior to real-life missions and operations.
  • Preparedness for emergencies:
    • Risk-free optimization of the appropriate allocation of troops and resources.
    • Safer and faster comparisons between multiple scenarios without actual danger or other harmful impact to the real world.


As was often highlighted at this Technology in focus NATO Edge conference, the need to strengthen ties between the public and private sectors for the advancement of defense has never been greater, and will accelerate our growing resilience from technology.

We are fortunate to have been able to attend this first ever #NATOEdge conference. As well as giving us the opportunity to share our own proposals for TerrainTwin™ and its potential, we also learnt about the numerous ventures and initiatives from others in the defense sector. We greatly look forward to next year’s NATO Edge!