Why TerrainTwinTM

Technical Details

TerrainTwin™ works both online and on the battlefield, without the need for an Internet connection. GeoPacks are geographic-specific information packages that are downloadable to deployed soldiers’ devices.

TerrainTwin™ offers an efficient, simple and very low cost solution, with very short implementation periods:

  • Elegant: our platform design is clear and uncomplicated.
  • Simple: no glasses, glasses, or Augmented Reality (“AR”) equipment is necessary.
  • Low implementation cost: using devices that the Armed Forces already have (tablets, mobile phones).
  • Reliability: we use technology that has been on the commercial market for a long time.

Environmental benefits

The use of realistic simulation reduces the environmental impact on the test fields.

Strategic benefits

TerrainTwin™ brings a disruptive technology that offers you freedom of action and operation:

  • Freedom of action without dependence on external and foreign suppliers in decision-making, providing maximum operational flexibility.
  • 100% Autonomy: absence of black boxes, through the transparency of TerrainTwin™ controlling the source code of the software.
  • GLOCAL: The platform is being developed to be able to be local in every corner. Ready to integrate Open Data and geographic data from any country.



Our in-house team will be delighted to give you an in-depth view of the power and capabilities of the TerrainTwin platform.